8 Sensors 12V LED Display Car Reversing Parking Radar Buzzer System Parking Sensor System Kit


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8 Sensors 12V LED Display Car Reversing Parking Radar Buzzer System Parking Sensor System Kit 


1. Buzzer alarm;
2. Green, yellow, and red color 7-segment LED light bar prompts obstacle distance;
3.30CM ~ 250CM, centimeter-level display accuracy, accurate display of distance to the obstacle;
4. Artificial automatic alarm; 0.3-1.5m, less than 0.3m Alarm: Parking
5. Probe self-test function, the probe abnormal state tips to avoid probe damage.


1. Rated working voltage: 12V DC;
2. Operating Current: 50 ~ 150mA;
3. Detection range: 30CM ~ 250CM;
4. Display Distance: 30CM ~ 250CM (centimeter-level display accuracy);
5. Working temperature: -40 ~ + 80 ƒ?Ÿ;
6. Ultrasonic frequency: 40kHz ± 1kHz.


This series is driving assist, rearview mirror use is essential. The following special case is likely to cause the driver misjudged example, drivers should sound a warning in the event (that shows the distance less than 0.6 m) should brake, not a red light appears, in order to ensure the safety of vehicles.
1. Because the detector installation height of 0.6-0.8 meters above the ground, when the rear stepped too close to the monitor can not display the underlying steps away from the rear, making it easy to hang the bottom of stairs bad rear fender.
2. The detector is not installed in the rear corner.

Package Included:

1 X Main Control Box
1 X LED Player
8 X Parking Sensors 
1 X Power Cable
1 X User Manua

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