12V Universal Mini Car Gas Saver Emission-Decreaser Accelerator


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Simply plug this item into your car's cigarette lighter and it instantly begins to save gas and your money.
Save 20% or more on gas.
Just plug and save.
You can experience more horsepower, better acceleration, longer battery life, and cleaner emissions….
Compact and lightweight.
With LED indicator.
Easy to use and starts working instantly.

Brand: Neo Socket
Color: Black and Blue (as shown in the pictures)
Product size: 105*32*23mm

Fuel Shark is designed for 12V cigarette lighter sockets.DO NOT USE WIHT 24V sockets.
If the LED light does not turn on,please check the fuse on your vehicle.
On some vehicle,the light may not turn off even after turning off the engine.

Package Included:
1 X Car Gas Saver
1 X User Manual